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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a type of healthcare where you pay a monthly fee for access to your medical provider. DPC cuts out the middleman, making healthcare simple, more accessible, and built around you and your needs.

Tyson Big Tree is using this membership-based approach as it offers so many benefits to patients. As a member, you have the convenience of unlimited visits with your provider. Appointments can be scheduled quickly, often same or next-day.

Unlike a traditional primary care clinic, Tyson Big Tree Medical does not bill your insurance provider and instead operates on a direct pay subscription basis. By doing this we’re able to lower our cost of care and focus on serving our patients instead of serving the insurance companies. 

Typically medical providers will overcharge for their services in order to collect the insurance’s maximum allowable amount. Because the medical provider’s insurance pricing cannot exceed their cash pricing, this oftentimes inflates pricing for uninsured/underinsured individuals. By cutting insurance out of the equation, Tyson Big Tree is able to charge our patients a truly competitive rate for services. 

Tyson Big Tree does not bill your prescription insurance; however, our affiliate pharmacies are able to bill prescription insurance for any medications that are excluded from our free formulary.

Yes! Regardless of the provider who writes your prescription, your Tyson Big Tree Prescription pricing will be applied to all prescriptions filled with our affiliate pharmacies: Tyson Drugs, G&M Pharmacy, and Potts Camp Pharmacy.

Medications not included on the free medication list will be provided at a discounted rate using the lower of our Discount Prescription Plan and Cost+$10. 

Although most brand name medications are not included on the free formulary and are usually quite expensive, we can oftentimes provide manufacturer savings cards to cover the majority of these medication costs.